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About PS Drafting Architects

Results driven architecture, complemented by finesse and elegance

A passion for excellence is simply not enough in the field of architecture. At PS Drafting Architects, we have come to believe that architecture is a holistic expression of self. It is only through the pursuit of creative design solutions that come with individual expression that we can actualise client visions.

As Brisbane architects, our service can be simply defined as an expression of harmony, elegance and sophistication through design and through self. Our experienced team will work with you from concept through to construction, delivering a vision that is testament to your unique goals and all whilst catering to the needs of environment, context and community.

Thirty Years of Architectural Experience

Architecture that brings ideas of harmony and elegance to the forefront
PS Drafting Architects is composed of a small but highly skilled group of staff ranging from architects to draftsmen, graphic designers and visualisation experts. Through a combination of these refined skillsets, we provide a professional service that engages the senses, incorporating visual expression at every instance.

We believe architecture is more than simply the bespoke design of structures. Architecture is an expression of emotion and the translation of the internal human condition into physical and visual representation.