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Quality Design Through Collaboration

Positive drafting and architecture outcomes

Our process aims at delivering drafting and architectural services outcomes that are both meticulous and fashioned around your unique requirements. Below we outline the key phases in your journey with PS Drafting Architects.

Stage 1: Consultation

Understanding your architectural needs
The services requested for a project can vary considerably from case to case. As a professional architectural service, we can accommodate your unique requirements based on a combination of the phases below. Establishing your details set of requirements for project design outcomes, limitations and criteria is the first step toward realising your vision and articulating your ideas into architecture for the senses.

Stage 2: Conceptual Design

A collaborative exploration of architecture
In order to breathe life into the architectural concepts we create for your site, we commence planning of space and fit out, reworking existing plans where appropriate to the brief. Your budgetary requirements are incorporated as part of our conceptualisation and we pay special attention to your unique programme requirements, ensuring that we can accommodate suitable timing for delivery. Coordinating with consultants in this stage is as required. Naturally, where appropriate, we may present our concept to you toward the end of this phase, which is always an exciting part of the collaborative efforts between client and architect.

Stage 3: Developed Design and Development Approval

The finer details of your project
In this phase, we refine the designs we have developed in the conceptual phase, incorporating your valuable feedback. We take these designs and turn them into formal architectural documentation, which is suitable for coordination with council and consultants. Development applications are lodged where appropriate with the refined documentation and we may from time to time, liaise with local authorities and meet with relevant stakeholders to ensure that all the appropriate processes are streamlined. Upon coordinating, we ensure that three dimensional revit renditions are developed. We begin to see the design come to life and it is an exciting stage in the process.

Stage 4: Documentation Phase

A period of formal documentation preparation
In order to finalise any formal approval from council, we work toward obtaining building approval through refined and articulated documentation. In other words, we work with authorities and consultants to produce a set of documents for sign off. During this stage, we liaise with contractors who can tender on project areas, in order to obtain a project cost. From contract documentation to coordination, materials, fitting and finishes selection, we will streamline the process in a simplified and de-cluttered process, reducing what may seem like a complex and often overwhelming process to a few key steps.

Stage 5: Construction Phase

Bringing clarity of form to the architectural vision
Our process leads into a period of service coordination, where we collaborate with key consultants in order to move through a process of tendering, taking into account any contract preparation and execution. This stage allows us to commission the relevant contractors to work on the project, ensuring that the construction moves forward without a hitch. We monitor developments and ensure minimal deviation from the original plans. Our focus is on clarity of process and streamlined systems, thus reducing unnecessary clutter in workflow amongst relevant parties.

Stage 6: Post Construction Phase

Concluding the journey with a few formal quality checks
What we evaluate at the end of our project is compared to what was originally conceptualised. This is a process of post construction verification and we take every care in ensuring that things are as they should be. With everything in place, we approve the project, tick off any remaining items for consideration and take the appropriate steps to finish your project for handover.